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09.16.14 53931
wishlist from other people: shoes, nail polish, clothes, dvd, new bag, ..
my wishlist: money, a millionaire, money, a huge villa, money
09.16.14 5329
Zoom schnibbledibble:

me back when I had my priorities sorted out


me back when I had my priorities sorted out

09.16.14 39077
Zoom lemme-holla-at-you:

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i want someone to hold my hand in crowded places & talk to cashiers for me

09.16.14 83582

10 things that make you human

1. not being over them. even if it’s been a year and you can still taste the tears on your cheek.
2. having anxiety. it is okay, everyone feels it, whether it’s over a big test or that guy that makes fun of you.
3. being selfish. we all are consumed in our own world, some are just less than others. that doesn’t make you any worse of a person.
4. saying you love them. reminding someone that you feel that intense of a feeling for them is beautiful.
5. not being okay with your outer image. none of us have perfect confidence, we all have had troubles accepting ourselves before, and that is okay.
6. having your own little battles everyday. it takes courage to see the little victories rather than the casualties.
7. accepting that you will never see someone again. loss and grief are tied together, it’s inevitable that you may never talk to your best friends in high school after you truly start your life. it is also inevitable that your grandma who passed away 3 years ago would look at you today and still feel proud, even if you quit the soccer team.
8. having to let go of someone. if your friend since the first day of kindergarten ditches you for that guy she likes, and neglects to talk to you for months until they break up, chances are she is not worth your time. she will continue to live without you.
9. feeling like you’re going to give up. some days are worse than others, and today your boyfriend may have wrapped his arms around another girl, but that is when you heal. you realize that boy was a lesson and find someone who won’t break your heart with the same hands that fixed it.
10. realizing that you will be okay. waking up and realizing that you no longer have that ache in your heart where they left it vacant.

— srb (via myunknownpoetry)

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If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat

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As an introvert, I’ve done, and do, all of these things…. constantly.


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Zoom haley-the-humann:

So true it hurts


So true it hurts

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